Grand Canyon || Sept. 2020

 So, as I said, in a few posts back, I went to the Grand Canyon and I would have a post coming up on it. Well, here is that post. I typed and essasy about the Grand Canyon so I just copied and pasted. Here you go! In September, 2020, my family and I drove to Meadview, Arizona. We drove 5 hours to get to a house. I was with 12 other people in my family. The roads were busy at first but, that's because we were on the highway. Once we were about and hour and a half in, the roads were becoming more normal, not very many cars. The roads were smooth with a couple of bumps. I rode with my Gigi's (mom's mother) boyfriend. We listened to all different types of music, but it was cool to hear all the different types there is. Once we were about 2-3 hours in, we saw a lot of cattle crossing signs... but no cattle! We hardly passes any gas stations, food stores, or any stores. The only things we saw were mountains, cacti, and some “trees.” After 5 hours of driving, we mad


 I have a question for everyone! What's you're favorite books, top 3? Comment down below! I need some ideas! I can never find one book I really enjoy so I hope you can help me out! Thank you so much everyone!                                                        ~Maddie                                                                                                                

Quick Update!

 Hey there! I hope everything is good with you and you're family!Now that school and everything is getting settled in, I hope to blog a little bit more. Please comment some blog posts that you would like me to do and then when I get some ideas, I will try to get a scedule set up. So, this post is just a little update on how I've been! This is mostly from August, September, and October!  AUGUST: I quit gymnastics and started vollyeball! Quitting gymnastics was a hard diesicion but I think I made the right choice. We had volleyball practice almost 5 days a week, almost 3 hours every practice, but practice makes perfect!  SEPTEMBER: I started an etsy for my business in Septemebr! You can check it out  here. At the end of September, I went to Arizona! I had so much fun!! I'm hoping to make a post about my trip so I won't say much now. But, I want to say, I went to the Grand Canyon while I was in Arizona! OK. I'll stop talking about Arizona for now and save it for later

Good Girl Moon Shine

Summer is here! Everyone loves a refreshing drink in the summer! I am going to tell you one I really enjoy and the benefits of it! It is called 'Good Girl Moonshine' (GGMS) The Recipe: 1 tsp Ground Ginger  1 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) 1 TBS Stevia  Ice  Seltzer Water => I like using flavored seltzer water to give it a better taste. Any flavor works but I enjoy Deer Park Lemon Ginger the best. Quart-size jar Straw (metal works best to stir) 1. Put the ginger, ACV, and stevia in a quart-size jar. Add a little bit of the water just enough to stir everything together on the bottom. Stir with your straw. 2.Fill the jar with ice. Add seltzer water to fill the jar to the top. Stir it all up with straw! Sip it all day long!!  Benefits: "The ginger and ACV, the superfood stars of this drink, are both powerful digestive aids."  -Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook "GGMS detoxifies ,clarifies, alkalizes your body, and also aids in weight los

Day 3: Sewing Marathon (CHAPSTICK KEY CHAIN)

Hello dear friends! I hope you all have been doing well! I have missed a few days in my sewing marathon and just regular posting! I am going to try to make it up to you guys!This post is a make-up for Wedensday, chapstick key chain. This is probably  the easiest sewing marathon post!! ITEMS NEEDED: -  d-ring - 9 in x 2 in fabric *note: I like to use ribbon or leather because i just feel they work better!* - pins - sissors - sewing machine/thread - key ring Let's get started! 1. Cut your fabric. 2. Put your d-ring in the fabric about an inch. Fold over about 2 inches and sew. Make sure to back stitch so it stays. The pattern/ color should be on the back except where you folded over. The d-ring should also be attached. 3. Fold up the bottom so your chapstick can fit without falling out and so you can't see where you sewed to attach the d-ring. 4. Sew the long edges on the sides. Make sure to back stitch on the top and bottom of each sides. 5. Cut any excess fabric

Posting Schedule

Hello! I know a couple of posts ago I mentioned I was going to try and make my posting schedule every Monday and Wednesday. I have been so busy I have had no time to post anything. For now, I'm not going to have a set posting schedule. When I have time to write and type my post, I will try my best to get it out that day! God only knows when I will be posting!  I hope everybody understands how hard it is to make a set posting schedule because random things come up.  I will hopefully get/have a set posting schedule by fall. Many Blessings, Maddie <3